Red River Rugby Rumors

by Travis Normand
May 6, 2020

There is currently an idea being floated around (and it is still very conceptual at this time) that the Red River Rugby College Conference will host alumni matches. These Alumni or Old Boy matches would be held as curtain raisers before the D1A games during the 2020-2021 season.

Again, this is entirely conceptual but the idea would be to give the alumni groups a schedule, consisting of likely 3-4 games. In the end, there would be an Alumni / Old Boy champion, potentially a trophy, etc.

Obviously, there are a lot of specifics to be worked out, and nothing is fully set in stone yet, but you get the idea.

The goals of this idea are to build relationships between teams and alumni; show support for the D1A club teams in the RRRC; demonstrate to the Universities that rugby is more than an ultimate frisbee competition; grow the rivalries and competitions between the schools and teams; etc.

I will post more about this as it develops … but as of right now, I am already pretty excited.


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