Texas A&M’s (XVs) match vs. Cal Poly – CANCELED

by Travis Normand
March 10, 2020

Logo courtesy of CalPolyRugby.com

Today’s (March 10) XVs match against Cal Poly has been canceled.

The following message was posted on the Cal Poly Rugby Club’s Facebook page:

“Folks, unfortunately tonight’s match vs Texas A&M has been cancelled due to the extreme weather and flooding at SLO HS.”

(Apparently, from what I have read, there were some facility issues at Cal Poly’s normal rugby pitch that caused the game to get moved to the San Luis Obispo High School. However, due to the weather, the high school facility flooded as well.)

Unfortunately, these things happen in the world of college rugby, and it is just one of the many financial issues and risks that college rugby is forced to deal with. Two clubs agree to play each other, and in doing so, at least one of the two clubs takes on a certain amount of financial risk (cost of travel, hotels/lodging, food, etc.).

As it currently stands, college rugby is in a constant state of flux and one of the most cited reasons for this are financial issues such as cost of travel.

Fortunately for Texas A&M, this was not a total loss (although it was surely disappointing). The Aggies have great leadership and they were able to secure two games in California (Santa Clara and Cal Poly) before making the trip. Had Cal Poly been the only game scheduled, the money spent would be a total loss; however, the fact that they played (and defeated) Santa Clara has mitigated any such damage.

Again, as just about everyone reading this knows, the Texas A&M Rugby Club is just that; a club. It does not fall under the athletics department and it is managed like any other club on the A&M campus. The players, club officers, and coach are all aware that part of being a member of the rugby club is learning how to manage a club (and its not all about playing rugby). In my personal opinion, they are all doing a great job of this; and in doing so, they are ensuring the future success of this club on many levels.

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