RRRC XVs Round-Up (Post Nov. 9, 2019)

by Travis Normand
November 11, 2019

Current RRRC XVs Standings: (RRRC Record) after Nov. 9, 2019 games.

  1. Oklahoma (2-0)
  2. Texas A&M (2-0)
  3. Baylor (1-1)
  4. Texas University (1-1)
  5. UNT (0-1)
  6. Texas Tech (0-1)
  7. LSU (0-2)

The following games were played on November 9, 2019:

  • Texas A&M defeated Baylor in Waco, 30-17.
  • Oklahoma defeated UNT in Norman, 41-8.
  • Texas Univ. defeated LSU in Baton Rouge, 48-19.
  • Texas Tech lost a non-RRRC home game in Lubbock to Angelo State, 43-26 (this was reported on Texas Tech’s Facebook page, and if I have gotten this wrong, please let me know).

Next-up for all RRRC teams:

  • Nov. 23, 2019: Texas A&M at LSU
  • Nov. 23, 2019: Texas Tech at UNT
  • Jan. 18, 2020: Oklahoma at Baylor
  • Feb. 8, 2020: Longhorns at Oklahoma

Further, seeing that this site focuses on Texas A&M’s rugby club, it should be noted that the Aggies will be playing BYU at home on Thursday, January 23, 2020.

How will the RRRC Championship will be determined for this 2019-2020 season? (And why does the schedule appear to be a little confusing?)

The answer to how the champion will be determined is still a fluid situation, but I can give you the following information that I have been told so far.

Unlike the past couple of years, there are no divisions in the RRRC this year (so there is no North and/or South Division).

Also, as you have probably noticed, all of the RRRC teams do not play each other in a round-robin schedule (which you might expect in a conference with no divisions). If you have been trying to figure out the schedule, and why it is structured the way it is, here is what I understand:

A problem that all rugby clubs in our area face is that of covering the cost of travel. The RRRC covers a fairly large geographic area and driving from Lubbock to LSU is not a short trip.

For this and other reasons, the RRRC schedule is not a round robin but more of a hybrid … somewhere between a round robin and what you might see IF the RRRC had divisions (created with the hope that it will help lighten the travel load).

So, what we have ended up with is a schedule where teams in the southern part of the RRRC (A&M, t.u., and LSU) will all play each other twice; while teams in the northern part (OU, UNT, and Texas Tech) will also play each other twice. However, each team in the southern area will play one team from the northern region; and each team in the northern region will play one team from the southern.

Finally, Baylor is essentially treated as a team that is somewhere between the northern and southern areas, so they are not lumped in with either group. For this reason, Baylor will play every team in the RRRC one time.

To illustrate this we can examine Texas A&M’s 2019-2020 schedule. Texas A&M is located in the southern region of the RRRC and therefore plays LSU and t.u. both twice. They also play one team from the northern region (Texas Tech) and Baylor. This makes for a total of six conference games.

However, as you can see, Texas A&M is not currently scheduled to play Oklahoma or UNT.

Keep in mind, the RRRC does not have divisions. The teams are simply divided up by geographical area, and the overall standings will be ranked as if it is one conference with no divisions.

In the end, there will be a championship game to determine the 2019-2020 RRRC Conference Champion, and the teams that play in the championship will be determined by table points. (Also, this is not entirely ironed out yet, but there may be a four team playoff determined by table points, and not just a championship game).

In any event, the championship is currently scheduled to be the “curtain raiser” for the Saturday, March 28, 2020 Rugby ATL at Austin Herd MLR match in Round Rock.

Current RRRC Table Standings / Points:

This is not exactly easy to determine, as not all games have been reported to D1ARugby.com. However, this link will take you to what has been reported. You will immediately see that only three teams have points in the standings, and of those teams, not all games have been reported. For example, the Aggies win over the Longhorns has not been reported while their win over Baylor has been, resulting in the Aggies having a 1-0 record and only 5 table points (which is not accurate).

As it stands right now, based on my calculations which could be slightly off, the following is what I believe the current table should look like:

  • (1) Oklahoma (2-0) – 10 Points (Bonus PTS in 1st & 2nd games).
  • (1) Texas A&M (2-0) – 10 Points (Bonus PT in 1st & 2nd games).
  • (2) Baylor (1-1) – 5 Points
  • (2) Texas University (1-1) – 5 Points
  • (3) Texas Tech (0-1) – 0 Points (?)
  • (3) UNT (0-1) – 0 Points (?)
  • (4) LSU (0-2) – 0 Points (?)

I must admit that I am not entirely sure I have the point totals calculated correctly, as I am making the following assumptions: (1) a conference win is worth 4 points; (2) Texas A&M was awarded a bonus point in their win over t.u. (as the 5 points currently reported is for their win over Baylor); (3) Oklahoma has 10 points, which must be correct, as both wins are reported (4 + 1 + 4 + 1 = 10); (4) Baylor has 5 points and both games are reported, leading me to believe they were awarded 4 + 1 points for their win over LSU; (5) Although not reported, I am assuming that Texas University picked up 4 + 1 in its win over LSU this weekend; (6) Texas Tech, UNT, and LSU all have zero points in that I am not accounting for any bonus points potentially earned in close losses.

In any event, there is no doubt that Texas A&M and Oklahoma sit on top of the standings at this point (either both at 10 points; or with OU at 10 and A&M at 9). If these two keep going in the direction they are headed, we might be in for a re-match of last year’s championship game … but there is still a lot of rugby left to be played.

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