Aggies still “on the bubble!”

by Travis Normand
October 18, 2019


The Texas Aggies were listed as “on the bubble” in the 2019 Week 5 Top 20 rankings (coming in at number 25).

However, on October 16, 2019, released its Round 7 Top 20 rankings, and Texas A&M is still “on the bubble” and hanging in there at number 25!

Seeing that the Aggies have not played a XVs game in between the two rankings means that no-movement is good news (as its hard to move up without playing someone, but its easy to move down).

Having said that, there was significant movement in the rankings, all of which appears to have occurred due to Notre Dame’s jump from unranked to No. 21.

Notre Dame’s move to 21 meant that all teams previously holding the 21-25 spots had to move down (as none of them moved up).

In fact, all of the teams that were previously ranked from 21 to 23 all dropped one spot from where they had been previously ranked (in order to make room for Notre Dame at No. 21).

Colorado State dropped from 21 to 22; UC Davis dropped from 22 to 23; and Clemson dropped from 23 to 24. However, No. 24 Utah Valley didn’t simply drop one spot to No. 25, as that would have knocked Texas A&M out of the rankings. Instead, Utah Valley dropped from No. 24 to unranked … leaving Texas A&M sitting in the No. 25 spot with no movement.

If you really want to sugar-coat this, all of the teams that were previously ranked 21-25 either moved down one spot, or they were removed from the rankings, except for Texas A&M (the only team to remain idle).

My guess is that A&M’s game against Clemson is being viewed as a “quality loss” and that is what is giving A&M enough weight to remain in the Top 25 for now; while Utah Valley likely didn’t have a quality win or loss, and thus when push came to shove, A&M won out!!

In any event, Texas A&M concluded their 7s season last weekend (having won three consecutive tournaments, including the RRRC 7s Championship, which earned them an automatic bid to the USA Rugby Collegiate 7s National Championship) and they will return to XVs play on November 2, 2019 when they travel to Austin and play the Longhorns.

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